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Have you ever wondered who the brain behind wikipedia might be? This video has your answer.

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Be mindful of what you post on social group chats or platforms.
Every platform has its objectives or rules.
When next to want to post on group chat, be sure to comply with the group's mandate.

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Biogas is amazing. who would have thought even poultry droppings could produce so much enery- powering your cooker and even car.
Cudos to our biogas experts

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Eating live insects?
I what nutritional benefits one can get from eating that.

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A world where we can use electricity without wire connections is possible; A world where car are powered with water is possible. Wondering what is stopping that world from being a reality, three factors are responsible; Investors, government and you- yes you and probably my humble self.

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Disposable phones! Yes one time use phones. Wonders they say shall never end; technology has got to the point where great minds ponder on new inventions.
Just like your mobile phone, disposable phones could be used to dial or receive calls.

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Happy New year!
welcome to 2023!!

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An Australian Astronaut jumped from a height of 128,000 feet ( from space ship) and travelled 1236 km , reached earth within 4 minutes, 5 seconds . He clearly saw earth rotating.
This interesting and electrifying video is as recorded by BBC

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A commy video on a Christmas song.

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its that time of the year when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas and a prosperous newyear from my end.

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A cute little girl makes her Christmas wish; says all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth, so she could wish you merry Christmas.
Her song is heart warming and the fact that she's only asking for her two front teeth so she could everyone merry Christmas makes her a beautiful soul.

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There's a new policy on cash transactions. In line with the new policy of changing naira notes by January, 2023, citizens have been directed to start returning old notes in their possession to banks.
However there is a limit to the amount of deposit to be made to both old and new accounts.
Moreover, citizens having outrageous amounts in their possession have been advised to resort to charity especially to indigent ciyizens in rural areas who would be needing financial support.

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Millions of dollars found in an apartment .
Though the occupant is a Nigerian, he claims not to be the main owner of the apartment.

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A lady asks her friend for assistance (money) and attempts to poison same .

The level of man's inhumanity is unfathomable.

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7 places where gravitational lawsdoes not work:
1. Mystery spot, Santa Cruz, CALIFORNIA.
2. Reverse water fall, Faroe, Islands.
3. The golden Boulder, MYANMAR
4. Magnetic hill, Ladakh, INDIA.
5. Hoover dam, Nevada, USA
6. A Mysterious Road in SOUTH KOREA
7. The road at the base of Mount Aragats, ARMENIA

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It takes more than intelligence to be a teacher. Expertise is greatly required. The amount of expertise displayed to your students would determine if they will admire the teaching profession or not.
If you all you do is scold a student publicly to correct him/ her, then you're not a good teacher.

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People are controlled by first being frightened and then oppressed.
Education of the poor is not encouraged because the people will be enlightened and break out of their hold.
The few enlights are too scared to speak because they are poor.
Those in power have this mapped out already.

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A security man that is sleeping on duty is embarrassed by trouble makers.

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The hike in price of vegetable oil is alarming. I thought it was only in naija but oh boy, its every where ooo.

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Aluminium can be used for producing a lot of things even without paying a visit to the factory.
All you need is a pattern or design, add Aluminium and you have your product

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