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#avazoo is not like a lottery—No, not at all. It's a raffle, like a church #raffle.
If you purchase a lottery ticket and your number doesn't come up, it is game over.
Then you have to buy more lottery tickets, and more and more, and then eventually you may have a winning number.

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Most people wait to buy lottery tickets until the last minute, if you do that with Avazoo, you are decreasing your probability of winning one of the bigger prizes.
Please watch this video to understand why it's so important to get your ticket early so you can receive unlimited free entries to increase your probability of winning one of the bigger prizes.

Sylvie Atisse
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Get Your Ticket Now! ⁣
Now is NOT the time to wait to purchase your Avazoo raffle ticket entry! The earlier you purchase, the more time you have to earn Free Entries using the Avazoo Game Methodology!

Everyone who has already purchased their ticket entry is enjoying the opportunity to earn additional free entries each and every day, which increases their probability of winning a cash prize in the raffle!

By not waiting, and purchasing your ticket entry right away, you could potentially have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of entries in the drawing drum by the day of the big raffle drawing!

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We hope to see you in the winning line!

"One Cause, One Love!"

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Avazoo is not a lottery with unbelievable arts. Not at all as our odds are extraordinary, with a 1 in 3 chance of winning a cash prize and a 1 in 50 million chance of winning the $1 Billion jackpot.
But that's just the beginning.

What truly sets us apart is you can only purchase 1 ticket and receive unlimited FREE entries.
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So the earlier you join, the more free entries you receive, increasing your probability of winning big.

Don't wait until the last minute to secure your ticket.

Want to know how to get those free entries? It's simple. Engage in acts of kindness and utilize our APP and CRC (communication resource Center).

Watch our YouTube videos to fully understand the game methodology.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity. Join Avazoo today and get ready to change your life.

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A human right activist tries to stop people from pointing accusing fingers. The Kyari in you reminds everyone of the role they play in moral decadence.
The effort to make our society a better has to be collective.

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A distress call to fire fighters at 3am set fire fighters on their toes. It took more than skills to eventually get to the caller's destination.
She was rescued just before it became too late.