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How to GET RICH with ChatGPT

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Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick
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Lets talk about the AI Revolution, Chat GPT, and the businesses you can create to get rich in 2023 - Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan | GET MY WEEKLY EMAIL MARKET RECAP NEWSLETTER: http://grahamstephan.com/newsletter


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ChatGPT is a computer program that allows you to ask it almost anything, and it’ll relay an answer using its artificial intelligence. This can be used for a variety of applications, like:

1. Building Apps
I asked it to “give me the code to create a jumping game for iOS” - and, within a minute, it gave the results. Granted, I only spent about an hour learning the mechanics of how to build a mobile game, and…I couldn’t figure it out on my own, but the fact that you could use a free resource to code a game, which - you could potentially SELL - is mind blowing for someone with no prior knowledge of building apps. This also extends throughout website creation.

2. Writing.
The writing feature opens the door to some rather unique opportunities for those who want to create sales scripts, essays, emails, or - pretty much anything you can ask for…in a fraction of the time it would take to write, and - it would probably do it better than most people, since it has the ability to scrape the internet for the best information.

3. Imaging.
Now, it’s probably not something that would make you a fortune, since the market is being FLOODED with AI-generated images - but, with some basic photoshop skills, you could certainly use the service to “speed up” the process of creating unique content. Not to mention, as the AI gets more advanced, I wouldn’t be surprised if this would one day be able to give us photo-realistic images of ANYTHING you could imagine.


-I’m a bit concerned that most people don’t realize that the cutoff point for its knowledge is based on late 2021, so, anything newer than that doesn’t exist in its frame of reference.

-The information you’re getting isn’t necessarily factual.
Since the program words by gathering information and then constructing them into sentences, it won’t always give be correct. For example, the website Stack Overflow no longer uses ChatGPT as they said it was full of coding issues. They also said that “The average rate of getting correct answers from ChatGPT is too low,” leaving them with no other option but to prevent their answers from being listed.

-You’re also prone to receiving regurgitated, generic information.
See, one of the benefits of open search is that - it allows you to cast a wide net of information and then assimilate the bits and pieces that you’re looking for with an open perspective. But, in the case of AI - it’s often pulling from the same basket of information, which could be why quite a few AI videos seem eerily similar here on YouTube.

-AI cannot form and share experiences.
I have to say: when sharing information, there’s nothing more powerful than a real life story, with perspective, emotion, and empathy. As AI continues to develop with information, I guarantee that EXPERIENCES will begin to take place of sales copy, blogs, and writing, there’s just not a substitute for firsthand knowledge.

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