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The Truth About Tapestri

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Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick
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Tapestri is a free app that allows you to make money from your anonymized location data. You can download and install the app at https://tapestri.io/cryptoteambuild

5 Ways to Earn with Tapestri

1. Earn money for your anonymized location data. (2:10) https://youtu.be/NY5uuDh5CjQ?t=130
2. Earn money for your personal referrals. (2:21) https://youtu.be/NY5uuDh5CjQ?t=140
3. Earn money when you participate in surveys. (4:32) https://youtu.be/NY5uuDh5CjQ?t=271
4. Become an affiliate and earn money when your personal referrals sign up users. (5:14) https://youtu.be/NY5uuDh5CjQ?t=313
5. Promote to Super Affiliate and become eligible for bonuses. (5:25) https://youtu.be/NY5uuDh5CjQ?t=326

The truth about Tapestri is: It's your data; You should get paid for it.

Get started today! Download the app at https://tapestri.io/cryptoteambuild

If you are interested in building an income quickly, you can follow the QuickStart Training at https://tapquickstart.andydelgado.com

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