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10 Video Marketing Tips to Create Successful Marketing Campaigns in 2021

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Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick
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This vlog is very unique and important, as we are sharing 10 video marketing tips to create successful marketing campaigns in 2021, the knowledge that we have gathered during years of experience working in the video marketing industry.

➡️Let’s get started.

00:00 - Intro

00:20 - 1. Focus on one thing
When working with clients who have less experience with a video, their tendency is to use a video and tell as much information as they can about their business in one video. But too much information can kill a customer’s interest and make them confused.
The first tip - focus only on one thing, have only one goal and one call-to-action. So, your viewers can exactly know which actions to take after watching your video.

00:56 - 2. Keep video length short
Make sure the length of your video is short.
Your promo video needs to be 15-30sec maximum. For explainer videos, if your product is very simple it can be 30 sec, but the ideal length is 60sec, a maximum of 70sec. Demos can be around 90sec. How-to videos can be a bit longer, as your clients are already interested to get specific information.

02:02 - 3. Your consumers' opinion matters
Videos are a huge part of how today’s consumers make decisions. If you want potential customers to consider buying your product or service, you have to create video content from their perspective. Your consumers’ opinion matters - ask yourself what they would want, then create the video content that meets their needs.

02:25 - 4. Never use TV commercials as a social media ad
Never use TV commercials as a social media ad, there are totally different video styles and sometimes even for different target audiences.
Brands used to invest in huge commercial shots and promote them on TV’s and other offline platforms, before when there were no social channels and the whole digital world. Nowadays the most viral marketing videos became online ads, which have totally different constructions and are frequently designed specially for mobile devices.

03:19 - 5. The first 3-5 sec is very important
Especially for promo videos, where you need to quickly grab the attention of your audience.
Fortunately, the first 3-5 seconds are a perfectly reasonable amount of time to capture the viewer’s attention and let them know what to expect from the rest of the video.

03:41 - 6. Post your video content regularly
To be able to keep the interest of your audience alive, you need to be constantly active on social media and keep posting on a daily basis. After watching an inspiring video on your page, the audience expects the next video message to be posted soon after. If this momentum is broken, the audience can lose interest in your brand and establishing the recall can become rather tricky.

04:13 - 7. Start creating storytelling videos
Video quality, design, duration are very essential, but you will never get views without a great content. For this, always create a compelling story that communicates your brand values with your audience, but never a sales pitch.
Also working with influencers has gotten so popular. They use their creativity and personality to build a story for your brand in a way that isn’t too hard-sell. These campaigns also typically perform a lot better and can generate great ROI when done strategically.

04:54 - 8. Follow latest trends and social media requirements
With the dynamic change of online platforms, you need to constantly update your knowledge to always stay on top of your craft.
There are plenty of ways to reach younger audiences through TikTok, by producing original content, getting involved in challenges, and paying for advertisements or influencer marketing.

05:29 - 9. Use SEO techniques
Always use SEO techniques to boost your video on Youtube
Just like a blog post, a video is important to be optimized, so your audience can see them on the top of the search results.
3 quick points:
1. Include targeted keywords in your video content, in the title, description, and of course fill them in the tags.
2. Create an engaging high-quality thumbnail image
3. Insert transcripts for your videos

06:12 - 10. Educate and guide with your videos
No matter what kind of content you create, the idea of educating and giving something valuable will always be appreciated.
You can do that through specialized videos such as ‘’how-to’’, tutorials and vlogs. These videos have the power to inform, engage, delight, and establish trust.

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