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How To PIF People With Profit Packs In Ads Earn BTC

2 Views· 06/14/22
Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick
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If you aren't already earning Bitcoin every day with Ads Earn BTC, then you are missing out. Get started for free here: https://clkdriver.info/rotator.php?a=w9e25knj20

Unlike many of the other platforms out there that allow you to PIF (Pay It Forward) a paid advertising position to one of your referrals, The Ads Earn BTC platform offers it with a more targeted twist if you will.

With most platforms, you don't have any control over what the referral does when you PIF them, other than ensuring they get advertising credit.

With AdsEarnBTC, you are able to take one of your own advertisements from the Revenue Sharing Profits Packs and assign it to a referral so that they can earn a revenue share on it each day.

This is great, because it's mutually beneficial. The referral gets an opportunity to earn a revenue share from surfing 10 on of the ads each day and at the same time, you get the benefit of your ad being in rotation more as they do it.

Ads Earn Bitcoin is a stable, reputable and solid platform to earn from. It's not an investment platform, but an advertising one.

Like I said, you are missing out if you don't earn from it daily. Go here to get started with my team: https://clkdriver.info/rotator.php?a=w9e25knj20

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