The Pink “Cocaine” Wave | High Society

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Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick
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From Medellin’s elite clubbers to the cartel queens that run the underworld, all of a sudden everyone in Colombia seems to be snorting pink “cocaine,” also known as “tucibi.”

It’s fashionable, it’s six times as expensive as regular “white” cocaine, it has its own genre of music called “Guaracha,” and it’s so popular that it has even spawned a whole new generation of “neo-narcos.”

Cartels are expanding production into Europe, so expect to see this “magic pink powder” in Ibiza this season - if you haven’t already.

But here’s the thing - it isn’t cocaine, and has nothing in common with 2CB (the drug's namesake).

So, what is it? Matt Shea delves deep into Medellin’s underworld to find out, in a journey that takes us to the cartel queen who started it all.
The War on Drugs has been won by drugs. They’re everywhere.

Many of them are new, and they’re all more potent.

Society is altering chemicals, and chemicals are altering society back, creating new drug scenes - some funny, some bizarre, some terrifying.

Drugs on TV usually mean criminals getting busted or addicts in recovery. But this series is about the cultures and people that have grown around the substances.

High Society will show you how drugs are shaping our world.

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