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Video Marketing TIps For Entrepreneurs & Influencers

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Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick
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Not all videos are created equal. You need a video marketing strategy that grows your following and brings in new customers. As an entrepreneur or influencer growing your social accounts and sit traffic is only part of the equation. Using the power of YouTube you can warm up cold audiences, and prime them to be ready to buy your offers. Follow these simple video marketing tips to do just that.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 - Intro
0:20 - Authority Content
2:15 - Content Frame
4:12 - Sales Demo
6:24 - Keep It Short
7:52 - Call To Action
9:06 - It’s Just Coffee
10:15 - Audio
11:16 - Lighting
12:26 - Camera
13:40 - Ideal Runtime
14:33 - Hit Reply
15:15 - Discovery Ads
16:02 - Outro

Video Marketing TIps For Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Want to learn more video marketing tips for 2020?

In this video marketing strategy guide, we will teach you how to do video marketing as well as what kinds of videos to make to get customers attention and grow your audience.

Video marketing is an amazing way to develop high brand awareness. It can also be used for everything from building customer rapport, to promoting your brand, services or products.

Video Marketing is no longer an option these days, it’s a MUST! That’s why learning how to do video marketing for your business is necessary. Also, video marketing for small businesses is a massive opportunity for increasing brand recognition and reach, improving website conversions and making more sales.

YouTube is not the only platform to do video content marketing; this can also be done across social media or via email marketing.

Video marketing is a meaningful way to connect with your customers, reach more of them, and persuade more of them that YOUR business is the one they want to work with.

In this video marketing guide for entrepreneur and influencers, we will teach you the top 12 video marketing tips for being successful with video marketing. You’ll learn the importance of making promotional videos and online video marketing,

The first and the most powerful video marketing strategy you can start to apply to grow your influence or to build your business is Authority Content. This is where you create videos where you’re providing value to your ideal customer or ideal audience member. There are three specific videos you should start making in this stage: How to content, Reviews, and Decision guide videos.

When doing your video marketing, it is important to note to keep your introduction short and sweet, go directly to your content – STOP rambling! Also, use bullet points; don’t make a video that is scripted. This way you will appear more natural to your target audience members or customers.

Another thing to note when you’re shooting promotional videos or just any videos at all, invest in a Lav microphone so that your audio doesn't suck. Buying a camera or lighting should not be your first priority. The reason behind this is that viewers can be very forgiving, but if they can’t hear you, it’s game over.

Video marketing still has and always will have a huge potential. So watch this video marketing tips tutorial so you can learn the latest video marketing trends 2020 and how to grow your business with video marketing!

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