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Wales: 7 Facts about Welsh Traditions and Interesting Travel Destinations

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Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick
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Wales, sometimes referred to as the international castle capital, has incredible historical heritage and natural beauty, which make this country a prime travel destination for people, who enjoy history, active travel both in the United Kingdom and in Europe.

There are various reasons why everyone should visit Wales (Cymru) and incredible medieval castles alongside breathtaking natural views are just some of them. The full list of facts that everyone should know and remember about this country could be found here: http://www.presentingfacts.com..../2016/05/so-true-fac

In this video presentation of this UK country we have covered such facts:

- a town with an exceptionally long name (the longest toponym in Europe);

- celebration of the St. David's Day and leek as a national symbol;

- yew tree in Conwy as the oldest living organism on the planet;

- oldest national flag still in use and the meaning of the Welsh flag;

- medieval castles that should be on everyone’s bucket list;

- what is a lovespoon?

- which significant places belong to the list of Seven Wonders of Wales;

- the hidden secrets of Bala Lake.

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