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Midjourney AI - FIRST STEPS - Easy Beginners Guide

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Marty Bostick
Marty Bostick
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Getting Started with Midjourney AI. First Steps, Account Creation, Beginners Guide, Discord Registration, Sign up, Community Gallery and usage rights of your Midjourney works.

This is a starter guide for the Midjourney AI.
What is Midjourney AI? A Text-2-Image AI, based on Stable Diffusion It can be used to create very artful images of all styles from text input. It's a very easy tool that enables everybody to create wonderful Artworks. Artist around the world already use it to design, concept and create works for themselves and their clients.

MidJourney AI - Beginners Guide
Make BETTER Prompts
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Faith86 11 months ago

Seems quite new to me

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