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Swans reunite (Love is in the air ) Lough Talt. PART 2.

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Harvey Silver Fox
Harvey Silver Fox
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This was the swan that had swallowed the fish hook,and a bubble float hanging from it's beak. It was Transported by Yvonne to the clinic where it was put under an anaesthetic to take x-rays. The hook was present lodged in the oesophagus. The best option was to use an endoscope which allows you to see using an eye piece. With time and patience by vet Colm they located the site. They had to remove some food and grass to see the hook. Eventually were able to grab the fishing line and pull it out and clamp it at the mouth so they didn't lose it again. It could not pull out with risk of line snapping and causing more damage with the hook on the way out. Taking 2 hours they eventually manoeuvred the hook and released it from the oesophagus. Taken to the shelter and given meds for the inflammation down his throat. Well done to Alex Kronsteiner from the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit for the rescue ( Part 1) ALSO SEE RELEASE OF PIKE CAUGHT UP IN I.F.I NET.

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Faith86 11 months ago

Wow! Truly mighty waters can not quench love

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